OHL Fine Art

PROJECT: Online Catalogue


TYPE OF SITE:     Art & Artifacts Catalogue

BRIEF:     The client came to Qi looking for a suitable way to display a large collection of art and antiquities.

It was decided that a new website based on an e-commerce framework would be constructed that could be tailored to display the range of works and artifacts in a catalogue style, incorporating a form to initiate contact for sales enquiries. OHL has full access to the system for maintaining the items in the collection as the listings come and go on the site.

CONTENT:     Client Supplied

MANAGEMENT:     Client Access through CMS

EXTRA:     Bespoke Graphics

EXTRA:     Ecommerce Shop in ‘Catalogue Mode’

EXTRA:     Custom Product Enquiry Form

EXTRA:     Processing of supplied images

CLIENT QUOTE:     “It all looks fabulous.”
Carol Maibaum, Director
OHL Limited
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