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There’s a good reason why most websites designed by Qi Marketing perform well in the search engines. It has a lot to do with us being a marketing company as opposed to being solely web designers.

We understand the importance of making a website work for the business and its markets and only when we are happy that the elements for this are in place do we come up with a slick design. By putting search considerations at the forefront of a project we ensure that all of the core elements for Search Engine Optimisation are built into a website from scratch.

For over ten years Qi has been delivering websites that consistently perform well in the search engines – in particular in Google search results. We have a core formula that we apply that has been proven to work again and again – just take a look at some of our testimonials!

Search Optimisation Service

  • Research – From the very beginning Qi will look at your market place, product and services to understand what traffic you should be targeting. We use experience and specialist tools to identify keywords & phrases that your customers or prospects are actually using.
  • Content – We make sure that your web content uses the carefully selected keywords in the right places on the page & behind the scenes. We can integrate into existing copy or as is often the case, we can write the entire content of the site.
  • Linking – An essential part of any SEO service is to ensure all the right internet sources know you exist, we will register you in key places and build search engine sitemaps. Qi will then obtain a incoming links from the web to increase your site’s credibility and standing.
  • Monitoring – When the website is up and running you will want to keep a close eye on traffic levels, trends and details of the visits you receive for improvement. Qi makes this possible by enabling an in-depth statistics package and setting up monthly stats reports.

As well as offering a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation service on new websites, Qi can provide Optimisation Reports and ongoing monitoring and consultation on existing sites.

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