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For some businesses it can very difficult to convey the whole picture through words and photographs alone. Creating a short video for your website is without doubt the most effective way of communicating products and services quickly and clearly to customers

Capturing your business on film was once an expensive and involved affair, it still can be if you require multi-location corporate shoots with high production values. We find that for many clients a short, simple, well shot and edited video is often enough to enhance a website to convey core values and bring a service or product to life. This simple but powerful website add-on is now also highly affordable, starting a just a few hundred pounds.

Web Video we created for Lower Farm B&B

Web Video Service

  • Shooting – We will discuss the shoot with you in advance to create a plan to capture what we need without disturbing your business.
  • Styles – We can shoot indoors and out, set up interviews, mix video with stills and take product shots. All shoots are captured in HD.
  • Editing – At the editing stage we will normally cut the material from the shoot down to a snappy 1 or 2 minute web video. We can use various effects, add music, add voice-overs and integrate titles or graphics.
  • Publishing – The finished web video can not only be used on your website but we can also publish it to a range of other media such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and add video optimisation for search engines.

Web Video we created for Soilmec Ltd

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