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Email marketing is an essential tool for many businesses and organisations. Used correctly with permission based lists it is a powerful and highly cost effective way to communicate with customers and prospects.

Qi Marketing has experience of sending email campaigns on behalf of clients as well as setting up dedicated email management systems for clients to use themselves.

The benefits of using a specialised email management system are many and include; using specialised servers to send bulk email, easier management of email lists, options to send various formats of email including mobile versions and making sure UK best practice is adhered to E.G. Providing opt in and unsubscribe options.

Email Management Service

  • Design – Creative design of the email using clean layouts, relevant images and client branding.
  • Copy – We help write email campaigns and help target certain niches and clients needs. Qi can help you to make your email messages original, snappy, relevant and thus effective.
  • Action – By providing hooks and calls to action we aim to design email campaigns that encourage recipients to take action. As well as providing leads and enquiries this also allows for response measurement.
  • Stats – We can set up systems to provide high level stats such as opening rates as well as detailed views on who is seeing and reacting to your messages.
  • Added – You can opt to include advanced features in email campaigns such as video, polls & surveys, social media and embedding interactive elements.

We can integrate email systems with websites to gather enhance email lists and newsletter signups as well as broadcasting email news via social networks.

For advice and guidance on how to enhance your communications by email get in touch.

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