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Qi Marketing believes that web hosting is more than just providing web space and FTP access. Our aim is to provide businesses with everything they need to express themselves on the internet. From a simple brochure website to a full powered data base driven e-commerce website, the choice of web host is important.

The right web host will make the difference between a slow clunky site that has regular down time and a site that is always available and blisteringly fast.

Qi are able to provide web and email hosting to clients through one of the most reliable Tier 1 hosts based in the UK. Most new businesses need a website and to operate email from their corporate domain name. We provide basic email mailboxes in accompaniment to web design and hosting for our clients.

Hosting Features

  • Quality – Our hosting utilises a purpose built web hosting infrastructure that is unrivaled in the UK for stability and reliability. Our hosting is only on highly redundant Dell servers and all data is stored in network disk arrays.
  • Robust – The hosting utilises uninterruptable power supplies and an n+1 generator setup to ensure constant power. The data centre is protected by fire suppression, monitored by CCTV both externally and internally, has 24x7x365 onsite security and the building is surrounded by an 8ft perimeter fence.
  • Support – Our support is second to none with rapid responses to hosting and email issues and if Qi cannot directly address the problem then we have direct access to front line technicians in the hosting centre.
  • Growth – Our web hosting is ideal for a small start up website through to SME’s demanding their own powerful e-commerce solution.
  • Secure – Our hosting is constantly monitored. We take our customer’s security very seriously and all software is upgraded within 24 hours of new patches being released.

Email Features

  • POP3 Mailboxes – Online mailboxes to store your mail. You can configure your mail client for example Outlook, to download mail from this mailbox, or you can access your email through any browser.
  • IMAP Mailboxes – An alternative connection for viewing email through your mail client. Rather than downloading mail to your mailbox (POP3), IMAP allows you to connect directly to the email server to view messages. This is more suited to users who operate email from multiple devices.
  • Webmail Access – Access your email anytime, anywhere. Our webmail interface can be accessed through any web browser in any country. All you need is your login details and a web browser.
  • Email Forwarding – Email forwarding allows you to point emails sent to your domain to a preferred email address of your choice. EG. Email sent to could be forwarded to
  • Catch All Facility – The catch all facility allows you to setup one mail account on your domain that will catch all email sent to So, for example, with this setup, any emails sent to info@, enquiry@ or SomethingElse@ your domain will all be held in the catch all account.
  • Mail Auto Responders – Auto responders allow you to set up an automatic response on any of your mailboxes. If you are going to be out of the office or away from your mail, then through mail auto responders, you can setup friendly auto replies letting people know when you will be able to reply.
For advice and guidance on the options you have for hosting and email set up get in touch.

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